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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 18, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a city paramedic slapped a patient while she was on the gurney. the latest on the emt that was arrested. getting angry behind the wheel. baltimore county police say a woman lost her cool and went too far. those storys are straight ahead. it's september 18th. i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. charley crowson is off today. lirn lynette charles is here, busy with the weather. >> we will get to that in a moment. loren cook has been watching the roads. the rain is leading to several accidents. a hectic commute s. it going to stick around? >> it's moving out. we will get a break and another round once the cold front moves through this afternoon and this evening and a chance for severe weather to pop up in the picture. on maryland's most powerful radar, this is the break across the area. we can see around central maryland, drying out. if you are traveling towards the west, western maryland, hagerstown, cumberland, heaven to moderate rain across the
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area, we will get next round in to the afternoon. pennsylvania is on the wet side this morning as well. if your travels are taking you to the north, be prepared for that. we are on the mild side coming in 66 degrees, frederick, also meyersville, 69 millersville, close to 70, we do have fog out there. see the humidity, 100% in meyersville and frederick. the air is saturated. take it easy as you head out and about. there have been accidents to report. this is hour by hour forecast, we have humid weather for this morning, this afternoon, 76 degrees, showers will be back around lunchtime, we have the chance for storms as we go in to 3:00 to 7:00 this evening with the temperature coming in around 78 degrees. ist going be a stormmy day on tap. keep it tuned here and two on our website. now a check of the time save
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traffic with loren cook. the rain is leading to a hectic commute. accidents across the region. harford county, a crab in bel air, on main street homestead across from the bel air united methodist church. more problems in baltimore, a crash in white marsh, pulaski, daves cove road, if you are using 95, the road is going the be slick, reduce speeds and here is what the bellway looks like in parkville, no significant delays, a easy ride up towards towson, but the roads going to be wet, that's the same case here on the harrisburg expressway, showers in hunt valley, no delays onto the jfx in to the city. that's a look at the time saver traffic. more than 700 miles away, they are in different school districts. why is a local group of activists gathering on behalf
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of chicago teachers on strike? western high school in baltimore city and sherrie johnson is live this morning, what does chicago have to do with baltimore. >> reporter: local activists will gather here in north baltimore, take to the streets for a picket line and a press conference to follow. they want to support teachers who are defying big business and mayor. they support the teachers making sacrifices for students, teachers, working and communities everywhere. a chicago judge has scheduled a hearing on a possible injunction to end the chicago teachers strike for wednesday at 10:30 a.m. chicago city attorneys filed a brief saying the strike is illegal, the union is scheduled to meet to decide whether to end the walkout. if union delegates call off the strike, students could be if class by wednesday. labor and education experts called it a good deal for the union, includes pay raises in a for teacher evaluation. process
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>> it's pretty straight forward. our goal is to do everything we can, possibly, to get the children back in school. >> it was simple. they need time to go back to mare members and need to think about what this represen. we have gone without pay for five days. that's an important decision that wasn't made lightly. when they come back they want to do it with a clear conscience. >> reporter: a number of activists will be out here today at 3:30 for the picket line and news conference. we will have a live interview with one of those activists. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a police report gives us new details this morning. 31-year-old shawn right slapped a drunk woman while she was on a stretcher. the victim was not combative. white began ramming her in to the stretcher, lifted her up by
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thing thing neck and smashed her body in to the headrest. the president of the union believes the patient care wasn't at the level it should be but says white shouldn't have been arrested. >> a lot of them get belligerent, arrogant, trying to instruct the person, the paramedic how to do his job. >> white is charged with two counts of second degree assault, the incidents were caught on video and reported by a colleague of white's. who hasn't been frustrated when you are behind the wheel of car, especially when someone nabs your parking spot. a woman went too far and ended up in handcuffs. linda so is live at police headquarters in baltimore county. >> reporter: looks like the women went over the edge looking for a parking shot and faces several charges of first and second degree assault and her bail has been set at a
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million dollars. aims of har park court in edgewood got in to a fight with another woman over a parking shot outside the staples store at the avenue in white marsh friday night. aims got back in to her car, hit the woman, and pinned her against another car. that's not all. an innocent bystander became her second target. >> when she observed the second person who was trying to get a tag number, she drove at the victim striking her as well. >> reporter: now that person was able to give police enough information so they could arrest aims at her home on monday. linda so, abc2 news. message this morning for parents and it is one that could save a life. in pasadena, firefighter says a 4 year old playing with a lighter in the closet set his home on fire. his dad saw the fire, grabbed the fire extinguisher and tried to put it out. the problem, the fire extinguisher was empty. the fire department wants parents of small children to do
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this. >> educate their children about the danger of lighters and matches and keep them out of the reach of children. store them in a place that is not in eye level or plain sight. >> the home is being repaired and the family is living elsewhere thanks to the red cross. mosquito spraying will not take place in pikesville tonight. it's going to be scheduled for monday, weather permitting. spraying is set to take place in baltimore county, catonsville tomorrow at 7:30. this is all in an effort to combat west nile virus, which caused two deaths in our state. you are asked to stay indoors while the spraying is going on in your community. a big win for the o's, you were probably sleeping when it happened. they beat the mariners 10- 4, the o's are within a half game
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of the yankees. baltimore opened a cushion over the los angeles angels for the coked al wild -- second al wild card spot. o's take on the mariners tonight, game time is 10:10. post season tickets now go on sale on saturday morning at 10:00. however, there are ways to get in on the presale. you can enter for your chance to get in on the presale at season. if you are chosen, you will receive an email with the presale info, exclusive sale starts on thursday, at 2:00. any minutes, a french court is expected to decide whether to block publication of topless photos of kate middleton. these are live pictures, the family wants to stop a french magazine from putting out anymore of the images after publishing 14 of them on
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friday. who has the possibility of 400 years in prison? a man convicted of abusing countless young boys k jerry sandusky. the details straight ahead. the storys offer hope and courage. we will hear from local cancer survives. we have details on how to help straight ahead. most of us remember the first car, but today reminiscing about your toyota celica, is a thing of the past. a break from the rain right now. but that is not going to last long. i will tell you when the next batch moves in and thomas coming up. -- thunderstorms coming up. we are dealing with delays on the west side of the beltway, baltimore national pike. i will have the details coming up on good morning mailed.
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the words no parent wants to hear. you have cancer, this morning, two people share stories of courage. here is preston mitchen. >> reporter: sports is his games conner is his name. this year old wears his ravens shirt with pride. this was conner before he started chemotherapy. >> reporter: month after month,u
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day after day, second after second his and his mom's world were turned upside down. leukemia does that. >> one person had to quit their job to take care of conner because he wasn't able to go today care, go anywhere, really he was the hospital all the time. it was a big change. a lot of hard times financially as well as emotionally. >> reporter: whether three or 33, this cancer takes in all ages, melonie noticed something was not right and called her doctor, they ran tests and the results were. >> i think you have leukemiaing i was floored. i didn't know what to say. >> after several rounds of treatment. >> that put me in remission. luckily, the timing was perfect. i went in october, and had a bone marrow transplant. >> i used to say to them, you are never given a choice, you just do it.
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it's your son. >> two survivors sharing their story with a common goal. >> got to get closer and closer. september is blood cancer awareness month, ruth chris' steak house, the sizzling golf tournament is happening tomorrow at wood homes country club, participants will be raising money that will help out with blood cancers and also going to have prizes so the event is going to be a huge thing for a great cause and anybody heading out there, wants to know if it's going to be like today which today looks like a bust. >> today is a bust. it's a good bust. we need the rain. especially after coming off of last week and in to the weekend. >> you said the chance of severe weather in the afternoon. >> later on in the afternoon. it will move out of here by tomorrow. tomorrow dry skies again. let's talk about what is going on, we have a storm system that's on the move, we do have
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the wet weather pushing in across the area this morning. i want you to look at the yellows and oranges that you are seeing. moderate rain across the area. a brief break towards the west, down to the south and knot, north. a cold front drape ed across michigan right now, this will slide through in to the afternoon and that's what is going to bring us a chance for severe weather, strong storms, and we have the chance for isolated tornados with this and damaging wind. this will make its way by the afternoon and evening time frame. we have windy conditions, drier conditions and begin to cool out. ahead of the front we are humid right now. speaking of the humidity, let's head to the tropics, we are monitoring nadine, not doing too much. a tropical storm, 60 miles per hour winds, staying away from the u.s. no impact whatsoever. we look at the wet weather, the future trend, still brings it
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in here, we have a dicey commute this morning, accidents out there, and as we go in to the afternoon, the commute is still going to be on the wet side. the cold front slices through and the chance for severe weather, the storm prediction center has us in a slight risk. we dry out nicely in to wednesday, thursday, and friday, when it's said and done with the rainfall, we could see up to 2.5 inches the further west you go and eastern shore, 2 inches of rainfall across the area. this is much needed rain, we are 6 inches below for the entire year. we look at the hour by hour forecast, we look at lunchtime today, temperature coming in around 76 degrees, we will bump the temperatures up to seasonable levels, 78 degrees is what i'm going with for today. we will be dealing with the seven-day forecast, that is improving, especially in to thursday and fridays. nice by sunday, the ravens play and rain should get out of here by then. now a check of the time saver
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traffic with loren cook. the patchy fog is causing reduced visibility across the region. another issue is the heavy rain, it's causing a pretty hectic commute in white marsh, we are dealing with an accident, pulaski, watchout for that. no delays on 95, through white marsh. but the reds will be very slick. reduce speeds, be careful as you head out. no problems on the beltway from parkville up towards towson. as we look outside, here at the harrisburg, north of 695, no issues, clear onto the jfx. using 95 to get in to the city, a look downtown at 395, no back ups whatsoever but once you get inside the city, watchout for a crab on wolf street. monument, near the sink hole, that's being repaired and eagle street at payson street. that is a look at your time saver traffic,. at one time, people couldn't wait to buy a car your
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first car was a big deal. not the case anymore. new car purchases for 18-34 year olds dropped 30% over the last five years. that's according to there maybe a numb of reasons contributing to this. the economy, people are moving to urban areas, where you don't need a car, social media may play a role. 46% of 18-24 year olds would choose internet access over owning a car. mcdonald's is bringing back the mc rib, but you are going to have to wait longer to get it. the popular pork sandwich will be on the menu, just in time for the holidays. in years past it was rolled out in october. his name is lil man and he has a message. how this one kid is using rap to tell people to pull their pants up. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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there is no doubt you have seen it before, people walking around with saggy pants. one 9 year old boy is from brooklyn and wants to do something about it. he found a way to get his message across. his rap video was posted on youtube, if fourth grader talked about why the issue is so important to him. >> it's just disrespecting themselves, and disrespecting others who have to watch that. >> to my surprise he has been reed by the kids. they see him coming down the street and say i'm pulling up my pants. >> this is is not brooklyn. in the video is the bureau president. he has been performing since he
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was 5.5 years old. he has a new video, pull your pants up. >> it is catchey. >> i love it. it reminds me of the guy from american idol. pants on the ground looking like a fool with your pants on the ground. you have a little kid. today's picture, don black, of her grand daughter, who got ahold of a mountain dew bottle. we have gotten several comments. you said the baby got ahold of the bottle.
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>> no honey boo-boo. loren, before you go, a giant tribute to payton manning. a corn maize in colorado was designed to resemble the new football. open to the public on friday, the farmers say they used a corn maize designed program linked to a gps device on a tractor to create the whole thing. they call them as a hoarder, a man who passed away recently had ammo, tuna, and so much gold they needed a wheelbarrow to get it out of his house. details straight ahead.
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mitt romney says his comments were badly stated but stands by them. what both sides have to say this morning. the numbers are startling when you hear them you question them. what researchers are saying about bing drinking going on in the military. concussions in football, we will tell you what ravens line backer, mcclain has to say about preventing and the stories straight ahead on this tuesday morning, september 18th.
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we are dealing with a ton of accidents. the rain having a bad impact on the commute right now. >> it's bad. never want to see that when you wake up in the morning. grab the rain gear, we can see on the most powerful radar, the rain is out there, we are trying to have a break. we see more showers popping up around harford county. let's detail where the heaviest rain is, we are dealing with light rain across the area, around hagerstown, boons borrow, i-70 wet. if you are traveling further to the south, as we head around one chester, stevens city, front royal, along i-81, wet weather this morning, once again we have a shower that uponned up around harford county, in between bel air


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